Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stop and smell the roses

     This is the last book I'm reading to reach my goal. It is called color purple by Alice Walker. I'm shocked at how fast I was able to read this book. Took me less than a week! Especially because its listed to be an AP book. My reading has progressed, advanced and continued on reaching on different challenging books! I didn't think I would able to read 7 books by the end of the semester. However by the pace I'm reading now I can read twice faster and will be set for my next semester's goal.
     Color purple is like no other. This book is a powerful story that reaches out to women and the African American community. Its a story of hope and teaches you that God is here, and he is listening. Its descriptive, personal, and tenderness. Its a story of Celie living a crazy hell life starting off when she was a baby. Each page is a letter to God, or to her sister Nettie from Celie. By Celie writing, she's able to maintain sanity. Its her outlet. She feels trapped, invisible, and has no power. Celie is a push over, but she has her limits "I'm pore, I'm black, I may be ugly and can't cook, a voice say to everything listening. But I'm here" (Walker 207). Celie keeps quiet and she rarely gets her word a crossed but when she does its said high-minded. Which I feel a satisfaction because of her strong worthiness.
     I would recommend this book, the story is written well, its is a moving inspirational novel that has an abundance of mature context. It is also talking about one of the problems that is still going on today about having the equality as men. Its a novel we could relate to. The way men treat women in this book is brutal. I hope to one day we can live in a world of full equality.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

seeking a sense of normality

I'm currently reading a book called The Last Leaves Falling recommended from my teacher. It is my 5th book and I have 2 books to go to reach my goal for the semester. I can differently see my reading improving so much more compared to the first day of school now that the semester is almost over. I see that I have approached more challenging books, and a developed reading skills. This year I've read more than I've ever had on my own. I would like to further grown on to it.
The Last Leaves Falling is a book that I just got my hands on and so far its describing how the narrator, Abe Sora feels about his disability. He's lost the use of his legs and wants to feel "normal" again. He describes what its like to not be able to walk, play baseball, do things on his own and always needing help. He knows he's going to die, and there is no cure for his condition. As time runs down the weaker he gets, and he feels like he's stuck left with nothing to do. Its a sad, yet powerful book because you get to see the aspect of what  people might go through. I'm excited to further engage into the story. However I'm scared because I have a sense of feeling that this book might not go down as a happy ending...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Another love story

I'm am now on my 4th book called All The bright places.  In school we are in the 2nd nine weeks of the semester and have about till january to read 3 more books to reach my goal! This book is a pretty long book with over 300 pages in it, so it's taking me a lot of patience. All the Bright places is a teen romance book. It's slow. I'm not sure if I would still like to keep reading or abandon this book. As you know I'm not a fan of reading and not used to reading big books like these, and ready to get to the point. However I would still like to know the turn out of the book.
All The Bright places is a book on how two teens Violet and Theodor meet with a complete opposite view on life. The book is written with different chapters with either having Volet or Theodor being the first person in the chapter which is interesting to me. I wonder how the author chose which person to use for each story to view upon and with whoever she chose why that person?
This book takes you in thoughts on how people could look at life, which I find fascinating. Violet is looking down on life because of an accident she's got into and ever since then she's trapped herself in a shell. Theodor can relate because he just looks at life on how he can die everyday, it's pretty horrific. However he seems to try to make the best of everything and doesn't care with what people think ''the problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count'' I agree, sometimes you just need to stop and take a look around a little bit. These small things sometimes are miracles that are happening all around you, and you don't even realize it.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

A child who had courage.

     Hello everyone! I am back and reading my third book now! Yes the first book I read Perks of being a wallflower took me quite a very long time to read mainly because I wasn't reading enough everyday and noticing that my reading pace was slow, I was able to finish it in about a month... However on my second book The Child called It, I was able to finish in 3 days! The child called it really showed me how fast I can get through a book with over 150 pages. I mainly think I was able to get through this book so fast was because I was so engaged and was so eager to know what would happen, this book was also very intense at times so it really grabbed my attention. I found this book to read in ease because I didn't find the words so hard to understand or not knowing the meaning. There were some words but I was able to comprehend.
     The child called it is an autobiography and it is a very tragic story about a child who was extremely, viciously, abused by his family, mostly by his mother. I found this book very interesting. I just couldn't believe what I was reading could possibly be true. After all the suffering that has been done to him I have no idea how he would never accomplished of just giving up, running away, or just becoming mentally ill. He did think of giving up, forgetting everything that was happy to nothing, But what amazes me is that he didn't go with it he went over it and stayed strong ''mother can beat me all she wants, but I haven't let her take my will somehow survive''. The courage he has is incredible. This story has so many moral outcomes; it tells me to be thankful with the parents and life you have, always treat other the way you wanted to be treated, hate is never a way to get away with anything, and so much more! Its bizarre on what different lives each and every person has and you never know what they are suffering or going through so never judge a person. I am looking forward to be reading one of the series The Lost Boy. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Charlie's upcoming

     My reading goals are going well. I've noticed the more time spending on reading the faster the pace of my reading became! The book Perks of Being a Wallflower has me engaged on what is going on in the story because I can relate to Charlie because of the same perspectives we have through high school. As I'm reading more and more each day I notice I've gone deeper into the meaning than just reading off the page. I question myself on the characters thoughts, or the authors thoughts on the piece of writing. I'm currently on page 125 out of 213 and only got 88 pages to go, and anxious to know the new things Charlie will experience through life!
   As I'm reading more about Charlie I see that his progress in his relationship with Patrick and Sam are very close. Charlie was a freshman going into high school with no friends but now he has group of friends that are seniors! As he spends more time with his friends he starts to come out and feels free spirited. He lives these elate moments "and in that moment, I swear we were infinite" (39). Charlie finally comes out of his shell and makes these exhiliberated memorable moments. I think it's very interesting to see as Charlie goes through high school alone and terrified, with just loosing a close friend of him commting suicide, and loosing his close aunt Helen. On top of that he's  distanced himself with his close brother from going off to college and barley seeing him anymore. And now things are starting to look up for him with Sam and Patrick. I think that's what life is mostly about half of the time. You go through rough times but there will be better days and better plans for you stored in life. You'll make memorable memories and feel infinite with the ones you love.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Welcome to Claire's Corner!

Welcome to Claire's Corner! I'm a 15 year old high schooler that attends to Hebron high as a sophomore. I consider myself as a gentle, enthusiastic person. In Claire's Corner I will be blogging about the books I've been reading throughout the year! I personally wouldn't consider myself as a reader because I never was. I never connected with books, I thought of books as a waste of time, boring, and useless. However, as now I am taking a pre-ap english 2 class where we read everyday! So as of now I guess you could say I'm a reader...    
     My reading goal for the year is 7. Some might think that 7 is a low number but as a former non reader its looked at as a high number. I would like to read about 30 minutes a day, and up to 20 pages a day as well. I would like to experience the "reader life". Getting into books, knowing the deeper meaning, reading books I would have never touched. I mainly go for books that has been turned into a movie. It gives me a more vivid imagery of what a certain character would look, or the setting of a place in the story. But mainly realistic fiction. Being in the english class I know I will be assigned to be reading the book Lord Of The Flies and a nonfiction fiction book. Also to add on the list I will be reading two books from the AP reading list. By the end of the semester I hope to understand the deeper meaning for books and be reading more advanced books as well!